BTech is your go-to IT provider with the tools, technology, and team to protect your data, ensure your productivity, and keep your business running. Browse through our list of services to find out how we can help your organization today.


Around-the-Clock Protection for Your Computer Network


BProtect offers around-the-clock protection that keeps your critical data safe and available. Learn more about maintaining the integrity of your network with our service. Learn more about BProtect! 


Connectivity and Convenience at the Speed of Light


Harness the flexibility of cloud computing by using BCloud, your secure access to cloud-based applications and programs. With BCloud, you can connect your entire team from virtually anywhere, all at the speed of light. Learn more about BCloud!


The Hardware and Software at the Heart of Your Network


BConnect helps you find the hardware and software that makes your network go – to give you the mission-critical capabilities you need to carry out your business goals. Learn more about BConnect!


Your Data – There When You Need It


Information needs to be protected and available when you need it. BSecure provides onsite and offsite data backup and recovery to ensure your data is right where it should be, at all times. Learn more about BSecure!