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Want to Keep Your Data Safe? Onsite and Offsite Data Backups Are a Must

For businesses in today’s age, data is easily one of the most – if not the most – valuable assets.

It’s also one of the most vulnerable.

In a moment, data can be corrupted, stolen, or lost – crippling your business’s ability to execute its mission. Since recovering lost data may be impossible, the product of years of collection, analysis, and diligence can disappear forever. Such a calamity could also keep you from meeting compliance for many industries, which is a serious legal problem with potentially-severe repercussions. birmingham it

The Risk of Failure

Case in point: 60% of companies who experience data loss for 10 days or more go out of business within 180 days. It gets worse; a staggering 93% of companies who lose data for 10 days or more file for bankruptcy within 365 days of the disaster – and half file for bankruptcy immediately.

Even if you have backups, the risk is still there. All storage drives and tapes will fail over time – and only 34% of businesses routinely test these backup devices. Once they do, 77% have found points of failure.

Fortunately, with data backups and routine tests, you can avoid these disasters. However, merely pursuing one option over the other isn’t enough. Here is why both onsite and offsite data backups are a must.

Onsite Data Backup Gives You Immediate Access

With onsite data backup, you can store your data on your premises. Our solution includes a fireproof external hard drive that can resist temperatures up to 1550° F for 30 minutes per ASTM E119, while also resisting floods to a depth of 10 feet for three days, freshwater or saltwater.

Using onsite data backup gives you several advantages. You can:

  • Quickly store data to a networked device
  • Access your data quickly to restore your work to a certain point in time
  • Retrieve data without the Internet

We use ShadowProtect 5 to protect the operating system, platforms, and data – everything on your server. This allows us to restore your data after disaster strikes very quickly and easily – even to different hardware if needed.

But that’s not all you need to protect yourself. If your current backup solution includes taking the backups physically off site, your data must be encrypted if it contains sensitive data for compliance reasons.

That’s why we recommend keeping onsite backups on the fireproof hard drive as well as performing offsite backups that would be encrypted and in multiple geographic locations (per some legal requirements for specific industries). This brings us to…

Offsite Data Backup Gives You Flexibility and Automation

Offsite data backup takes your files and duplicates them offsite through the Internet via a secure connection in multiple geographic locations.

This backup method lets you:

  • Create multiple copies of your data
  • Protect your data with encryption
  • Access your data from any location, securely
  • Automate your recovery, even when you’re not there
  • Store a virtually-unlimited amount of data

Our Bcloud Offsite Data Backup Service gives you automated data backup and recovery options around the clock through encrypted channels, ensuring that you can pick back up where you left off anywhere – even if you have to set up an emergency location after disaster strikes.

What Do Both Methods Give You?

When combined, both methods give you a powerful way to protect and safeguard your data – the lifeblood of your business.

Make sure you can perform your work at all times, no matter what threats may be present. Consult with us about how you can put into place a superior system to maintain the continuity of your business –and keep on mission.