Still Using Windows XP? Your Computer Security Could Be Compromised


Last year, we wrote about how Microsoft decided to finally end support for one of its landmark products, Windows XP.

Since that last post, the April 8, 2014 deadline has come and passed. Now, any computer system that uses Window XP (or Microsoft Office 2003, for that matter) is wide open and vulnerable to a slew of potential problems, all because there are no longer any security updates, hotfixes, patches, or technical support available for these systems.

As a recap of what could happen, you could face security risks from new exploits designed to take advantage of security systems dependent on Windows XP. The protections that normally would be there are no longer being developed.

You can also have certifications suspended if you’re audited, since your systems’ integrity is no longer guaranteed.

Finally, you can face a lack of compliance charge if you are in an industry that demands information security standards from regulators.

Plus, software and hardware vendors likely aren’t supporting Windows XP SP3. It’s just like what happened with Windows 2000. Software and hardware that is created now doesn’t function with Windows 2000, and the same fate is likely for Windows XP.

Windows XP is a great system, but Microsoft is moving on to other systems and platforms. Your organization should do the same. You need to take action to make sure your computer security is up to date and in line with the latest in protective measures – and need to do so as soon as possible, in order to mitigate risks.